Recently made.

Yesterday, I baked my first Lemon drizzle muffins - here is the recipe if you want to taste something sweet this weekend. I didn't know them, I like the sweet/sour mix with an indulgent touch. The recipe is for a cake but I like muffins, I find them practical to freeze, to take one or two when needed ;)

Today, I finished the portraits of two little brothers, wrapped it and sent it.
Just a few hours to go and the weekend will be there. I wish you a great one. See you!



Judith said...

Yum..these look delicious!
Thankyou for the link Audrey..might try them this weekend...and a happy weekend to you.:)

Tania nineteenstars said...

Bonjour Audrey, I adore you blog/work and I hope you don't mind I did a little post about you on my blog!
Have a wonderful week.

Shalini said...

I love lemon muffins too. And love to freeze them as well. I feel more justified to use richer recipes then, when I know I can space out eating them, instead of finishing them off in a few days.