By the window.

Have a nice week-end. Could we have some sun, please?



Back to France for a few days. Here is one of my favourite. Merci Monsieur Serge.


Monday check-list.

A busy week ahead. This morning, I started to write the list of things to do - the first version... probably a few will follow, some with 'urgent' at the top because the days are flying!
How was your week-end? Mine, was pretty good, with the sale of one of my painting :)

ps to Loree: the posters are ready, I will send yours tomorrow;)


By the window.

I wish you a nice week-end! see you on Monday.



My little things shop : Update

Morning everybody! Because it's a bit too grey outside, and we do feel we need some colors around just to be all ready and optimistic for spring... I decided to make it easier for you! Now, all the items in my Odette aussi. boutique are FREE delivery worldwide!!! oui, madame!
Postcard, A4 print, cards... Have a look here :)
ps: the posters from my paintings are coming soon...



My last work: To feel

To feel the light coming through, the dark enveloping the body, the texture of the dress, the shades of whites.
To feel the paint itself.




Giveaway results.

And the lucky winner is.... Loree!

Morning and thank you very much everyone, for participating in my little giveaway. I am happy to announce that Loree will soon receive a poster of her choice of one of my paintings selected by you all :)

The 4 posters will be in sale in my little things shop soon! See you there.






By the window.

Have a nice week-end! see you monday for the results of the Giveaway :)


She is sitting there too.

Recently, I played a bit with my paintings... and I am really excited to show you my first pillow cover in sale here, in my envelop shop.  Merci Envelop!


Philippe Cognée

Almost 10 years ago, when I saw one of Philippe Cognée's paintings for the first time, I was instantly captivated by the strength, the uniqueness of his work, the moving colours, by his technique. He's a genius!

"At 48, Philippe Cognée counts as one of the most well known French painters today. Over the last fifteen years, he has been developing a unique oeuvre inspired by the most mundane aspects of reality. Using video and photography, he documents everyday life – crowds, libraries, supermarkets, skyscrapers – which serves as an inspiration for his strangely blurred, fading images on canvas. Mixing his pigments with wax, he melts the surface of the paintings with an iron, giving them a skin-like smoothness. Through these smudged, blurred, distorted views of the world, Philippe Cognée questions our modern condition as well as the nature of gaze and memory."

:) and don't forget the giveaway!




In order to mark the "grand" opening of my little shop, I am launching posters based on three different designs which originate from my oil paintings. However, I can't decide which ones to go with, and would really appreciate your help! 

So, here is the fun part:
To take part, please let me know which are your three favourite designs before Sunday 13th February by leaving a comment to this post.

I will pick someone at random and the lucky one will receive the poster which has the highest number of votes. I will announce the winner on this blog on Monday 14th of Feb in the morning. Good luck!








Last year check-up

A quick look at some of my paintings from last year. For some of them, just having a peek in their new home :). And also really excited to present my new postcards here! :)