Last summer, I played with my jewellery and the bright sun to create a serie of pictures. Here is one of them. I will show you a few more over the next couple weeks. shall I wear this one for tonight?


Fashion Illustration

Phew... Our internet connexion is finally back. happy but the dependance is worrying ;)... For a little while now, I am quite interested in the fashion illustration, I find it so creative, imaginative, elegant and expressive. They are genius. Here a few links: Amelie Hegardt, David Downton, Monsieur Qui, Judit Garcia-Talavera


By the window.

We are lucky! as we live right in the middle of a suburban town and we can enjoy the sun on our roof terrace. It's why we fell in love for this flat: the black iron staircase, the chimneys all around us, the bricks... Mary Poppins is not far from here ;)
Spring is starting, so we have some new green around... and I am pleased with my flashy pink jumper and my new scarf which I made with cheap pyjamas!
Tomorrow, we are going to the seaside. Hope the sun will be there :) Have a nice week-end everyone and thank you for your lively comments.




blossom... again :)  I love this time of the year, giving me a lot of energy and optimism. The streets are beautiful, it's like a fairytale, and how lucky we are: the sun is there too!
and I am pleased with my new little tags :) Have a nice day everyone!



Aaron Coberly

I like that a lot... his paintings are alive, vibrant and delicate, the light is beautiful,the colors are perfect... Excellence...
"Aaron Coberly was born in Seattle in 1971. Aaron has been drawing for as long as he can remember. He started taking drawing seriously in his late teens when invited to his first life drawing class by a friend and teacher. Aaron has been participating in life drawing sessions weekly since his late teens. Over the last several years he has run his own open sessions in downtown Seattle. Although dabbling in it before he fell in love with painting in 1999 and turned one of his life drawing session into a painting session. He has been painting there, at home and out in the wild ever since."


In the streets.

The daily walk et les parfums des arbres en fleur... let's dance now, Trouble! (you won't resist :)
Happy week-end everyone, see you on Monday.


Philippe Duplan: my art teacher

Philippe Duplan was my art teacher when I was at University. A character, a really strong personnality, we were all scared on Thursday monings to show him our work... If he didn't find it good technically, he would go across it with his pen... after days on a drawing or a painting, I tell you, it's tough! And if it didn't use his pen (oh happy...), he would say: "Well, you have here a nice Christmas present for your grand-mother!" :)
But after all that, we all knew he was a good teacher, I learned so much through his courses, nobody was missing one! I find his work brilliant: a mix between classic and modernity, abstract and figurative. merci Monsieur le professeur...


Morning light and little words

A new display for my postcards to welcome a bright spring and a big thank you to Nichole for her great post about my work on her blog ... and look, one of my paintings is there too :) ça fait du bien!