The Market Preparation.

For a couple month now, I joined the Country Market in our town where we sell every thursday our goods all together on a big table. The market is tiny, the size of a room, but is really popular and quite well-know. It was a good way for me to meet people (up to 92 years old) and make my "addiction" for baking useful.
This week is a special one as the Christmas Market is starting in town for a month and our little Country Market will take place there too this weekend... so I am baking, a lot!
I am nearly there with my mini Christmas cakes, I just have to try the packaching now ;).... yummy....


Around Manhattan.

Another day baking and meeting new people... will tell you soon all about it.
For now, just browsing our memories from NY and finally relaxing after a long day listening Barbara,  for ever...


Christmas Cake Baking Day.

Back to UK.
Today has been a productive day baking Christmas cakes to get into the festive period. As my mother-in-law is with us for a few days, I had there a good help and experience next to me for my first try ;)
Now, the cakes need to mature until Christmas and I am already looking at some ideas for the decorations, the final touch... I will show you soon!

Here is the recipe from famous Delia: The Classic Christmas Cake

Source here



Tomorrow, I am going back home. We had a good time together here. Good chat, good food, good weather, cats and our dog. We also had time to do a few updates at the holiday house "La Maison Vieille" to be ready and cosy for the next season. I love this house so much, it's my childhood house.
Tomorrow, it's the weekend. I wish you a relaxing one. 
ps: How's the weather in London? 


Waking up.

The day was starting again with a beautiful sun. A perpetual admiration. Then my favorite cat, my Lupio getting up slowly. Today was a DIY day, a family ritual it seems ;)
Tomorrow, I'm visiting my childhood friend and meet her newborn daughter... feel so strange....


By the French window.

Here is the view from my bedroom window this morning at my parents. 
The sky was stunning for a beautiful November. 
Birds and donkeys are not far away. 
Countryside time.




Today's edit

Just arrived at my parents from the Toulouse airport where they came to meet me. A little note because I forgot to say thank you this morning to a really nice lady about her kind post about my work so nicely written. Thank you so much Audrey ;)

On the way to France.

Morning, I am getting ready to go to South-West France today to see my parents. I will keep you updated ;)

Have a nice week everyone!


Recently made.

Yesterday, I baked my first Lemon drizzle muffins - here is the recipe if you want to taste something sweet this weekend. I didn't know them, I like the sweet/sour mix with an indulgent touch. The recipe is for a cake but I like muffins, I find them practical to freeze, to take one or two when needed ;)

Today, I finished the portraits of two little brothers, wrapped it and sent it.
Just a few hours to go and the weekend will be there. I wish you a great one. See you!



"MAGIC" goodie bags.

I surprised myself today: it's quite crazy how much I can get fun taking pictures of a paper bag... well, I know why ... this one is "MAGIC" :)




More than a year ago, after the sale of a painting, I finally decided to invest my little saving in an authentic Adana letterpress. For a while now,  I am absolutely facinated by the letterpress work, its geniosity and elegance. I also like the machine itself, the mecanic there and all the little tools coming with.
"My one" it's a treasure: heaven is the new house of its previous owner, so when the family sold the Adana, they were also selling all the little world around it... and I feel deeply grateful and in charge of it now.

I am learning. The system. The mistakes. The paper. The thickness. The stains. The surprise. The uniqueness.

The last picture is my first creation. I have ideas... coming soon. For now, it's there. Enjoy!





Our New York.

Browsing blogs, I noticed that NYC was in the top of the destinations recently :) here , there and there of course...
There we were too.
Have a good week! Happy morning!