Christmas Cake Baking Day.

Back to UK.
Today has been a productive day baking Christmas cakes to get into the festive period. As my mother-in-law is with us for a few days, I had there a good help and experience next to me for my first try ;)
Now, the cakes need to mature until Christmas and I am already looking at some ideas for the decorations, the final touch... I will show you soon!

Here is the recipe from famous Delia: The Classic Christmas Cake

Source here


Anya adores said...

Looks very scrumptious Audrey :)
Loved your pics from France - they are gorgeous.
Hope you have a great day sweets,

Pet said...

Did you really make that iced cake with the little trees? Like in a fairy tale! :-)I

Audrey said...

I would love to have made that beautiful decoration... but no, it's not me yet... just browsing some ideas ;)