I am exhibiting!

Yes, I am exhibiting this coming weekend and I am really excited about it! I will be with my paintings at the Untitled Artists Fair in Chelsea, London. Tomorrow, I am going to set up the place there. I have everything almost ready... almost ;) maybe I will meet some of you there, we never know... and here it's one of my last works. If you have any tips or ideas that I shouldn't forget to take in this kind of events, please let me know :) merci !



A long weekend and its beauty.

*a place we liked to visit again ... maybe a dream.
*meeting interesting people and lives
*a take-away curry shared with friends and lots of chatting :) around a glass of wine.
*some good time spend together
*working on our projects and sharing our thoughts.


So british!

I haven't told you a lot about it, but I have a little online boutique in France and today my tea cosy was on the first page's selection :) Youpi! here it is... I wish you all a nice weekend.




Fashion: The Hazel Brown

The Hazel Brown... the beauty in the imperfection;
I absolutely adore it: feminin, soft, light, transparency, dusty colors, wild, uniqueness...
"Darling, can I borrow your card for a second, just doing some shopping on the net ;) "




Strawberry / apple / beetroot / carrot / vanilla / all in one... delicious. I wish you a weekend full of beauty.


Véronique Barthe

When I was an art student in Toulouse, I used to go to this little art center where they organize really strong and pertinent Contemporary Art exhibitions. Today, here in London, I still receive updates relating to their current exhibitions. Unfortunately this time, I won't be able to enjoy it... but maybe one of you out there would like to go and let us know... :)   Tout est peau cible....
Véronique Barthe, "Aïe et coups", Centre d'art contemporain, Chapelle Saint-jacques, St Gaudens, France



Sweet Sunday

A walk in the morning and a sweet afternoon tea enjoying our new set of wedding plates designed by myself :)
A good start for a busy week, it's all that we need...
ps: les gariguettes, sont quand même les meilleures !


My bedroom corner

A few weeks ago, our bedroom became my art studio with an extra storage space to tidy all the little things I need for my work. Here is now our sleeping space, un petit paradis, and some tonic colors to welcome the sun in the morning!
Have a nice week-end and thank you for stopping here ;) 


A Lego-style apartment

This week, I am working on an interior design project for my friends. Of course we had to work out some storage solutions, and then today I found that genius flat, everything you need in 24m2... I absolutely adore the cubical shower and the sink in the middle of room... it's such a cool flat with its roof terrace... So her it's a special post for A&J: voilà une bonne idée pour vos placards sur mesure dans l'entrée :) c'est trop la classe!

found here



I was there the last two days, not for the Festival (this time :), but for better than that: to help my friends with their design project! A two days brainstorming-planning-browsing-laughing a lot à la confiture pomme-coing, and chatting a bit of course! Thanks guys for a great time together! I can't wait to see the result;)


ps: un trop-plein de lavabo peu vraiment tout changer et rendre tellement heureux! pensez-y...



My friend's daughter... sweet ...
If you too wish to have a drawing of your loved ones, it's here. Have a nice weekend everyone.



Michael Dickter

Through my searches today, I've just discovered this artist, Michael Dickter. My eyes were caught by the fresh colors, the use of the bird figures in an unusual way, the elegance... the paint becoming a bird, the bird dissolved and becomes the paint material... a revelation of the painting action.

"For long my work has dealt with issues of memory and home, stability and freedom, personal history and communication. An encouter with mortality has refocused my work. Now beauty and fragility, the fleeting impermanence yet profound magnificence of life informs my work. Flowers now seem to resonate with that impermanence, with that that beauty, as well as hope and compassion. Wings and boats also speak to the passages we must experience. Ideas are conjured with these, pushing and pulling and glimpsed through layers of paint and awareness, reaching for connections."



Photos de vacances

Last week, I was in South West France to visit my parents, but also to open La Maison Vieille, our holiday house, and start the new season :). The summer is already fully booked, ther are still some avaibility in Spring and Autumn. It's going to be an exciting period with a new organisation and I am sure a lot of sun !

"30 years ago, my grand-father opened the holiday house "Quercy de la Pierre". Today, the journey continues with La Maison Vieille...

La Maison Vieille's history goes back a long way, built out of local stone by the family of Jean Parisot de la Valette in the early 16th Century (born in Parisot in 1494, Jean de la Valette became Grand Master of the Order of the Knights of Malta in 1557, where the Maltese capital, Valetta, is attributed to him) " 

So, where are you going for your next holidays? :)

Pictures from her and me

Any question, please do not hesitate to ask me :)


Rochester and the Sweeps Festival

I am back from France. I hope you all had a good Easter and a lot of sun... We are really lucky this spring, the sky doesn't stop to be blue :)
Yesterday, we went to Rochester which is about an hour East of London. We just planned to go there to have a look, Charles Dickens lived there... but as soon as we arrived closer to the streets we could enjoy the local music, the colours, the fancy dress and a lot of joy around : what a surprise, it was The Sweeps Festival!

"Imagine a world 400 years ago where children were used as chimney sweeps. The pay was low, it was a dirty trade and there was little reward for the men who did the job and even less for children.
Medway’s annual Sweeps Festival recreates the joy and laughter enjoyed by the chimney sweeps at their traditional holiday: the one time of the year the sweeps could leave the soot behind and have some fun. The sweeps’ holiday was traditionally held on 1 May each year. Locally, they used to mark the occasion by staging a procession through the streets of Rochester."