More than a year ago, after the sale of a painting, I finally decided to invest my little saving in an authentic Adana letterpress. For a while now,  I am absolutely facinated by the letterpress work, its geniosity and elegance. I also like the machine itself, the mecanic there and all the little tools coming with.
"My one" it's a treasure: heaven is the new house of its previous owner, so when the family sold the Adana, they were also selling all the little world around it... and I feel deeply grateful and in charge of it now.

I am learning. The system. The mistakes. The paper. The thickness. The stains. The surprise. The uniqueness.

The last picture is my first creation. I have ideas... coming soon. For now, it's there. Enjoy!





cezaru said...

Magic est cool!

Pet said...

It really looks great!

Audrey said...

Oh Audrey, this is beautiful, all the stains, the drawers where they fit in, this is something to be proud off, and how is the sound, I just love old machines. Yesterday at work, there is a railway station nearby and suddenly we saw a lot of steam, such a surprise when an old train was passing by with all the noise, love it.

Judith said...

Oh my goodness!! I will have to show this to my husband,he is a letterpress printer by trade..he now runs huge presses printing quality magazines etc..he would love this little vintage unit!! :)