I am off!

I am off tomorrow to France to see my parents and friends. I will be back in a week. Until then, I wish you all a happy time with a lot of sun! Time to enjoy the summer :)




The summer by the window.

It's really hot here in London, we had a beautiful weekend outside (sorry, I've forgot my camera) and we can finally feel the summer atmosphere around the streets. I like it :)



BP Portrait Award 2011: the winner!

Yesterday, I went to the National Gallery Portrait to see the exhibition of the 50 paintings selected from the BP Portrait Award 2011. Unfortunately, it was not allowed to take pictures , I've just found out after I took a couple of the lady with the make up... so I can't show you my favourite one :(... So, here is following: the first picture is the winner 2011 and on the last picture on the left, it's the winner of 2007 (?) Paul Emsley, which I find fantastic. If you are around in the next couple month, it's a good exhibition to look at different techniques and expressive portraits. Some of them are absolutely stunning!!! I have to say that I do not really understand how the choice is made....  

Distracted by Wim Heldens - Winner 2011



23rd of June

It's Audrey's day today in France. We don't really celebrate it, we just wish it with an happy 'Bonne fête' just to have an attention to the people we love. And just because I like the song and the clip... here is some French music... good night :)


New Lavender Sachet!

Here are my new 'Lavender sachet' to perfume every room! Do you like them? :) and do not forget the current offer... see you.




Shop offer!

To mark the introduction of a new product in my shop, The Eye Expression Collection, here comes the offer: with any order placed until next Friday the 24th, I will add one A3 print of my paintings for free!... any preference, just let me know :). Enjoy!
Ps: a special thank you to all the ladies who left a little note, here and there, yesterday. merci for visiting me :)



Reflection of the flat.

A little view of the flat. All tidy, full of fresh air, the windows are opened to let the shy sunshine coming through and warm up the atmosphere. The wash-machine is on (again), the ironing pile is nearly gone , the fridge is not hungry anymore, we're almost ready for an intensive week. I wish you a good one everybody, ici et là :)


Work in progress.

It's going to be quite a busy weekend here with happy things happening... I wish you an happy one and hopefully with some sunshine :)


Live Watercolor

These days, I am tempted to work on new subjects, try different techniques, different textures and colors... looking at others enjoying their practice give me new inspirations... I would like to try everyday something different... I know, I'm a dreamer ;)

Aquarel from Ben on Vimeo.


I fancy a SNOG

I don't know if it's out there for a long time in London, but the first frozen yoghurt I tasted was during our trip around the US west coast, and already at that time I couldn't resist to have one of them. So, since I found that I can also get a "pure" frozen yoghurt in London, well, then it's now my ritual treat almost every time I am in town .... and it's guilty free and all natural, it's just so delicious!!! un pur bonheur :)  you choose the taste (natural, green tea or chocolate) then the size, the toppings as many as you want and it's all for you! If you are a fan of yoghurt like I am you have to taste one next time you are in London, really :) have a look here!
So today, as I was in London, i had the green tea snog, size..... can't tell you sorry ;)



all the pictures are from here


English houses.

I love walking around the streets looking at houses. In England, the diversity it's quite amazing! In the same area you have block of flats, maisonnettes, bungalows, town houses, Victorian, detached, semi-detached, terraced and sometimes a few cottages... all with different styles. Here are some pictures of my walk today. Enjoy the sun!



Lavender Drawer Sachet & my shop

For a little while now I was thinking how I would like to use and see my little shop. When I started it, I thought to have there just a few things and not too many categories.... but I realised that is not me at all! I found it too restrictive... so perhaps it will look a bit messy and that is going in all directions but here we are, I just want to enjoy it and put there the little things I am doing days after days, just because I like creating staff.
And tadam, I am happy to show you my new Lavender sachet to perfume drawers and clothes... If you want to see a bit more, it's here.

I wish you all a week full of creations!


New Posters!

Finally... Here they are! A few months ago, with my friend Veronika, we started to design four posters, two in english and two in french. They are now in sale here...                             "sarah&bendrix aussi" is born :)

I wish you a nice weekend everyone!