The office/studio: work in progress

This room is still changing: I moved the desks already 3 times, would like more shelves, still have to paint the plinths and give to the floor its final color... so not finish yet but I enjoy that space, my one ;)... I couldn't wait, I had to start to put and display my little tools around, setting my universe, with the sewing lady working next to me, calmly... I feel well here.


And right now, I am just there on the little green chair wishing you a great weekend!
Thank you all for your 'happy' comments :)


Pet said...

The proper use of light creates most of an atmosphere, doesn't it? And then, with such pictures around!

Anya adores said...

Great studio Audrey - I do love your art - it is beautiful. My favorite is the lady with her back to us - gorgeous.
Hope you have a lovely weekend

Audrey said...

Great look from your studio Audrey, I love your paintings (by the way I'm searching for a desk just as shown in your pictures) and have a good weekend too!!


Judith said...

A lovely calm space Audrey...hope you enjoy a happy weekend. :)
( I have said it before and i will say it again,your paintings are so beautiful.)

Shalini said...

It's a complete transformation. I had to go back to the previous post to see what it looked like before.

Audrey said...

thank you thank you thank you all :)