The bureau makeover

From the Oxfam charity shop to our dining room, this little bureau had a good relooking. I painted it in Black satin in spray for a smooth finish, orange inside, then added a porcelain button found last summer in a French flea market - so sweet little cherries - then 4 dotty ceramic knobs bought in a local shop and that it! The bureau is so useful to empty the pockets and hide everything. It's also keeping well all our table linen. I didn't customized any furniture for ages, it's really great fun, a good creative challenge :)


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Shalini said...

It takes on an entirely new feel in black...very sleek and modern.

Anya adores said...

Audrey the secretaire looks amazing - loved up-cycling furniture - so much life in them :) Great makeover of the living room - your new house looks divine.