The guest bedroom and bathroom(?): before

I am so happy about the comments I receive this week about the renovation of the house. They are so kind and encouraging... thank you all for your visit :)
So, here I am continuing the journey through the house. When we moved in, the house had a shower room downstairs, next to the kitchen. As proper British, we were looking to have a bathroom preferably upstairs for a more practical point of view. So lucky enough, the third bedroom was big enough -after a lot of measuring- to fit a bathroom and still keep a bedroom for our guests ;)
I have to say, we spend couple days balancing with the choice to do only a big bathroom in the whole room, spoiling ourselves with a lot of space and a free standing bath in the middle…. With candles and all that…. dream… well, in the next house perhaps…
So here is the start, the completion will on Monday!
I wish you all a good weekend… not too cold please…


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Franka said...

What a lovely and cosy room!

♥ Franka