Le mystère du croissant.

Between two drawings, today I had a break, another passion: baking!
I had a challenge in my mind for a couple years... When I was around 10, friends offered me a baking cookbook. I heard so many times that the French speciality "les croissants" were difficult to make at home and to look like the gorgeous ones from the baker... so, I tried... and well... no really what I was expecting... So alright, perhaps it was true, only the baker could bake them!

A few days ago, I was browsing recipes and was again in front of that mysterious "croissant".
Why not to try again almost 20 years after?
Carefully, I followed the steps, looked at them rising slowly... and tadaa!!! My little success of the day: my home-made "croissants"! They are big, light and fluffy... and they taste.... hummmm..... yummy

I had to tell you  ;)
I come back tomorrow with my office/studio makeover! Have a great cosy evening.


Shalini said...

They look really great. It's such a treat to have home baked treats. I've been going through a baking mania phase, baking something every week in time for the weekend.

meemers said...

That must be so satisfying, I am totally impressed!

Pet said...

Wow, what a piece of art :-)

Audrey said...

Shall I open a bakery then? ;)

Judith said...

Yum!! They look delicious Audrey...yes you should open a bakery...next to the Gallery of your art you should open!!! :)