I fancy a SNOG

I don't know if it's out there for a long time in London, but the first frozen yoghurt I tasted was during our trip around the US west coast, and already at that time I couldn't resist to have one of them. So, since I found that I can also get a "pure" frozen yoghurt in London, well, then it's now my ritual treat almost every time I am in town .... and it's guilty free and all natural, it's just so delicious!!! un pur bonheur :)  you choose the taste (natural, green tea or chocolate) then the size, the toppings as many as you want and it's all for you! If you are a fan of yoghurt like I am you have to taste one next time you are in London, really :) have a look here!
So today, as I was in London, i had the green tea snog, size..... can't tell you sorry ;)



all the pictures are from here

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sami chu. said...

omg i need to go there!!!! i love fro yo, i love snogging, it looks like heaven!