BP Portrait Award 2011

I always enjoy to vist the National Gallery Portrait in London. Each year, a competition is taking place: the BP Portrait Award, promoting the very best in contemporary portrait painting. This year more than 2300 artist were hoping from all over the world... and here are the four finalists. The 14th of June, we will know the name of the genius winner. Then, from the 16th of June to the 18th of September 2011, the National Gallery Portrait is giving an exhibition with the 55 best portraits of the competition. The Admission is free.
I want to see that....
So, the bets are open, which one do you prefer? ...

Just to Feel Normalby Ian Cumberland
© Ian Cumberland

Distractedby Wim Heldens
© Wim Heldens

Mrs Cernaby Sertan Saltan
© Sertan Saltan

Hollyby Louis Smith with help from Carmel Said
© Louis Smith


Loree said...

I'm not sure. The first portrait has so much character in it - I think I l ike it bet.
Love all your photos of Madrid.

Anya adores said...

OMG the first photo just grabbed me by the heart - feel sorry for that guy!! Love the BP portrait competition - used to always go when I lived in London.
A xx