The Untitled Artists Fair 2011

Here are a few memories of my first art fair. A full experience, a great opening with arty people all around. The first evening was amazing how lively it was. It was 3 days when I could see "in live" how people were reacting in front of my work. When I could notice someone coming back two or three times to look again one of my paintings, it made me really happy, a pure honour, it was such a good feeling. It was also for me the occasion to share with the others artists, to discover new technics and a few tips...
So, can you find which painting I sold? the answer is on the picture ;)

And I would like to thank Samantha from "A glimpse of glamour" for her nice post about me :) merci sami.




alma said...

La peinture de cette femme de dos est tout simplement magnifique.

Audrey said...

Merci alma. Ta visite ici me touche beaucoup, je suis moi-même admirative en regardant la sensibilité qui entoure ton blog. merci.