A nice lady I met at the country market on the Thursdays, asked me if I could help her with the organisation of a reception and a part of the food. The brunch was today and it went perfectly to plan :)
I think the guests had a good time and enjoyed the food diversity from the different caterers.
Here are a few pictures of what I made, all needed to be vegetarian and vegan.
On my menu: "Le Pastis du Lot" apple speciality from South-West France, a Pissaladière ( a success! :) which is a red onion and black olive pie with olive oil, home-made Irish soda bread in slices with brie/crandberry and soft cheese/red pepper topping, stilton/crème fraîche profiteroles and spinach & nutmeg muffins (but I used a madeleine tin for an interesting shape, picture 2)


I really enjoyed the day too. I like organising parties and meals. Tired but happy :)


v said...

looks yummy

Samantha Chu Ramage. said...

sounds too delicious. want to come to boston and help me plan my sister's baby shower next year? ha!


Dawn M said...

Wow, I need to master a few more signature pieces. Looks yummy x

Audrey said...

No problem Samantha! I am ready when you need to help you with the organisation of the party! you said Boston? No problem ;) x

Thanks for your comments ladies :)