Paysage d'encre


Morning everybody! I would like to thank you all for the time you took to leave comments recently on my blog. Every time, I see someone stopped there and shared a bit with me, I still feel surprised and so grateful to see people around interested about what's happen in my little world. As you probably noticed, I rarely come back to you, most of the time is because I would like to write something else than an only  little "thank you", and then I think to much, the time is going and I feel that I missed the opportunity. So believe me, every comment is a pleasure for me. Sincerely, merci.

and up there a little piece of what I was working on yesterday.


Audrey said...

Hello Audrey,

Doen't matter!! you have a lovely blog, thas why i just comment on the beautiful things you share.
Lovely painting your working on...


Judith said...

Good Morning Audrey..even though it's night here!
Your blog is a lovely place to stop by, your art is amazing and that's why i like to visit here! :)

Pet said...

Nice drawing. I'll take it as a present for your no comments :-)