Le goût du pain retrouvé.

After a sunny saturday, I decided yesterday to try to solve one of the major problem in the UK: Bread! There are a lot of good things about Great Britain, but when they talk about bread... well they don't know what is good bread at all, an authentic one like we have in South-West France, with a nice yeast smell and a proper crust.
So, because I do not want to end up only with square slices or the best alternative I found so far, the Polish Bread "Chleb", I am recently experimenting on baking bread! And tadaaaa, that was yesterday's result: a French baguette! I could leave it a bit longer to bake, but I am quite pleased :) and my freshly made bread became the main part of our meal last night with a lot of relish, pickles and cheeses on the table, a vegetable soup, a glass of wine! enjoy and chill while listening to this beautiful song... Have a nice week everybody.



Samantha Chu Ramage. said...

yummmmm. that bread looks too good!


meemers said...

There is nothing better than a lovely crusty hunk of hot bread with butter slathered all over it! Looks so yummy!