Michael Dickter

Through my searches today, I've just discovered this artist, Michael Dickter. My eyes were caught by the fresh colors, the use of the bird figures in an unusual way, the elegance... the paint becoming a bird, the bird dissolved and becomes the paint material... a revelation of the painting action.

"For long my work has dealt with issues of memory and home, stability and freedom, personal history and communication. An encouter with mortality has refocused my work. Now beauty and fragility, the fleeting impermanence yet profound magnificence of life informs my work. Flowers now seem to resonate with that impermanence, with that that beauty, as well as hope and compassion. Wings and boats also speak to the passages we must experience. Ideas are conjured with these, pushing and pulling and glimpsed through layers of paint and awareness, reaching for connections."



Anya adores said...

Audrey I totally love this - hope it's ok if I reblog this sometimes - have a splendid day!
A xox

Audrey said...

of course, it's ok :) you're welcome!