A Lego-style apartment

This week, I am working on an interior design project for my friends. Of course we had to work out some storage solutions, and then today I found that genius flat, everything you need in 24m2... I absolutely adore the cubical shower and the sink in the middle of room... it's such a cool flat with its roof terrace... So her it's a special post for A&J: voilà une bonne idée pour vos placards sur mesure dans l'entrée :) c'est trop la classe!

found here


Sara Louise said...

That's amazing! Love how he says it's action

lilou said...

That's just amazing!!! Je ne sais pas pourquoi... mais la suractivité de ce Monsieur me fait penser à un certain J. : le placard idéal!!! We'll think about... and show you the result : hyperactif ou classique??? That's the question!!!

Audrey said...

I was sure J. would love it! I bet your flat lilou will be quite an active flat ;)I can't wait to see. It's nice to read you here :)

and thank you sara louise for stopping by :)