We had a great time. Time to talk, to walk, to shop, to enjoy, to taste, to relax. Thank you M. :) The room was stunning, I absolutely love breakfast in hotels! The weather was perfect to get out flip flops and linen trousers. Summer in April.  And Madrid, Madrid... it's such a lively place... life there seems to start after the ritual nap in the afternoon with tables all long the streets, music everywhere, kids playing until late... a unique time scale! A great place to visit with easy transport links, gorgeous food, full of History and Art, gardens and squares everywhere.


Loree said...

What an amazing place. i long to visit it myself.

Anya adores said...

Looks so amazing Audrey, I have only ever been to Barcelona, which I totally adored. This looks like a lovely next place to visit - better tell my husband:)
Thanks for sharing - lovely pictures as always.
A xxx