Stephanie Rew

I wish I could paint like her... Here is the stunning work of Stephanie Rew. I find it amazing technically, soft and strong in on piece.
"Stephanie Rew was raised in the historic city of Edinburgh, ScotlandStephanie has always been heavily influences by the Baroque style of oil painting and utilises a combination of Old Masters techniques with her own. Her use of glazes is important to the finished article – creating an inner glow to he work. Caravaggio’s trademark use of chiaroscuro and strong colour created by glazing techniques has inspired her work for the last decade. "

Some of her new work will be on sale at the Affordable Art Fair, Battersea, London this week-end, and I won't miss that... just to have a look ;)

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Loree said...

So lovely. Awesome work. I love the figure in white the best.