Aaron Coberly

I like that a lot... his paintings are alive, vibrant and delicate, the light is beautiful,the colors are perfect... Excellence...
"Aaron Coberly was born in Seattle in 1971. Aaron has been drawing for as long as he can remember. He started taking drawing seriously in his late teens when invited to his first life drawing class by a friend and teacher. Aaron has been participating in life drawing sessions weekly since his late teens. Over the last several years he has run his own open sessions in downtown Seattle. Although dabbling in it before he fell in love with painting in 1999 and turned one of his life drawing session into a painting session. He has been painting there, at home and out in the wild ever since."


Anya adores said...

Amazing his paintings are truly awesome. I wish I could paint something that looked like something - I paint - but abstract :O)

Loree said...

Beautiful portraits.