The house.

A fabulous and exciting journey. Last spring we were thinking about moving, we first fall in love with the town, we came back a couple of time to taste again and again the atmosphere, and then, this house was waiting for us... we went in, we looked each other: that it, we knew! une évidence. A Victorian house in need of modernisation (perfect :), much space than we could expect, wooden floor, and my eyes were just fixing the original features on the ceiling... maybe some fireplaces are hidden behind these boards.... A month, so quick, and we were moving in beginning of July.
Since I was little, I have been a lot in the middle of building site - it's a family story, a passion - and this new project couldn't make me more enthousiastic about it... sometimes a bit too much (sorry darling)... we wished, we talked a lot, we planned and thought again. The ideas for our new house were coming naturally, how we would like to live the space, how we are used to live, what we would hope to feel there.
After two months, some muscles to help, late nights, a lot of diy, a few bids on ebay, trips to Ikea and a huge amount of dust  ... Yeppee! we are finally getting used to our new house. Some bits and pieces still need to be finished  but here we are...the house changed a lot, it's more like us now and I have to say ... we're quite proud we did it ;)
I am really excited to show you the progress and the result in the next couple weeks, hope you will enjoy it!

Some gardenning to do this weekend :) Enjoy yours!



Audrey said...

Enjoy your new home, you must be very exciting about it, looking forward to see some pictures.

Have a nice weekend,

Anya adores said...

Congratulations on your new house - so very exciting with new beginnings :)
Enjoy sweets,