Blank Canvas


One step after another, I am setting up this little place. Do you like it?
(I feel a bit nervous...)
A place where I would like to share a bit more about my creations, about Art, about things I like, and sometimes a bit of my life. 
And of course, I would like to meet you here, because it's such a nice feeling to know that people around the world stop here and have little look ... c'est vrai, non?

So, here I am starting a new story....

ps: I would like to thank all the ladies for their last kind comments on my last blog. They meant a lot for me. Thank you ladies.


Loree said...

Yay, I'm the first follower. I can't wait to see your art. Hope you're enjoying London.

Victoria said...

Great to see you back in blockage! Of course I shall be joining you in your new adventure!

Juniper said...

Happy your back! I like the new blog. Am all for starting a new chapter of life. Looking forward to seeing what you are busy creating. Lovely mix of photos in this post by the way.